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Denver Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is responsible for administering the testing process for entry-level and promotional positions within the Denver Fire and Police Departments, policy administration, and hearing disciplinary appeals of classified members. Through this website, you can obtain valuable career information and opportunities for testing. 

Application and Testing Announcements

  • Police Officer Applicants: The Application is currently Closed.
    For more information visit: Becoming A Police Officer
  • In State and Out of State Lateral Police testing: The application is currently Closed.
    For more information visit: 
    Lateral Police Officer
  • Firefighter Applicants: The application is currently Closed. 
    Testing is anticipated to begin again in the Fall/Winter of 2017/18.
    For more information visit: Becoming A Firefighter
  • Lateral Firefighter: The application is currently Closed. 
    For more information visit:: Lateral Firefighter
  • Fire Systems Technical Specialist (Electrician): The application is currently Closed. 
    For more information visit: Fire Systems Technical Specialist

Public Hearing Announcements


Notice of Adoption

(see Commission Rule Changes for the list of rules)



Denver Post Bldg., 7th Floor Room 761
101 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80202