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Zone Lot Amendment

Zone lot boundaries may be changed if each new zone lot conforms to the regulations of the zone district in which the property is located. The most common changes are zone lot “splits” or “combinations.”

What is a zone lot?

  • A zone lot is the land designated as the building site for a structure and/or the site for a land use or activity.
  • The city uses the zone lot as the basic land unit for zoning review and permitting.
  • A zone lot is distinct from an ownership or tax parcel, and a single zone lot may be comprised of one or more ownership parcels and one ownership parcel may have one or more zone lots.

Download brochure: Will My Proposed Assessor’s Parcel(s) Comply with Denver Zoning Rules? (PDF)

Zoning code regulations

  • The Denver Zoning Code’s regulations applicable to both land uses and structures apply to the designated zone lot.
  • When zone lot boundaries are modified, each new zone lot created must comply with the standards for the zone district in which it is located, including land use, minimum zone lot size and width, and the maximum number and location of structures.

For more detailed information about zone lots, see the Denver Zoning Code, section 1.2, "Zone Lots," and section 12.4.4, "Zone Lot Amendments."



How to Apply for a Zone Lot Amendment

Applications to amend a zone lot must be submitted to Development Services.

NOTE: Projects on locally designated landmarks or historic district properties, must first undergo design review by landmark preservation staff. Use the DevelopDENVER map to check your landmark status, and visit for information on the design review process. 

Applicants must submit:

  1. A completed Application to Amend the Boundaries of a Designated Zone Lot (link to form below). Please fill in all blanks on the application form.  Incomplete applications will be returned without processing.
  2. An improvement survey from a licensed surveyor. Survey needs to show the location and indicate the height of all existing structures on the property. Also, the lots need to be specifically labeled as zone lots, not parcels, on the improvement survey on both the survey and the legal description. 
  3. Most zone lot amendments also need a parcel reconfiguration form from the Assessor's Office.

Application Forms

 In person
Email the above forms to


You will receive an email with information for payment by credit card.

Development Services Counter
Wellington Webb Building
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201 W. Colfax Ave.
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