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About the Denver Elections Division

Mission Statement

"To conduct Denver's elections in a fair, accurate, accessible, secure transparent and efficient manner; to educate and encourage the public to participate in voting process; and to maintain accurate voter registration and election records."

The Denver Elections Division is a division of the Office of the Clerk and Recorder; an independent agency of the City and County of Denver.  

Debra Johnson, Clerk and Recorder

The Clerk and Recorder is an elected office created by a Denver Charter amendment in 2007. Prior to this the Clerk and Recorder was an appointed position.



Amber McReynolds, Director of Elections

The Elections Division of the Office of the Clerk and Recorder provides comprehensive election services for the City and County of Denver including voter records, election operations, election administration, and communications.



Paul Casper, Elections Operations Manager

The Operations Department provides voting operational support, ballot production, voting site management, election supply and equipment management, election technology coordination including the development of database applications that support election functions, voting system management, security system administration, address library maintenance,  internal election management systems and logistical field support.  The Operations Department is also responsible for the preparation of standard and customized reports and maps, and tabulation and compilation of election results.

Lisa Stubbs, Elections Administration Manager

The Administration Department provides records management, project management, purchasing and budget coordination, administrative and operative support, facility coordination, campaign finance management, graphic design, training coordination, and election judge coordination including recruitment, on-boarding, and off-boarding processes.

Alton Dillard, Senior Public Information Officer

The Communications Department provides media relations, community outreach, candidate and campaign relations, legislation coordination, website coordination, and strategic public information support for elections.