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Voter Return Statistics

Click the link to get daily returned ballot statistics by Voter Service and Polling Center. The dataset showing the names of individuals who have and haven't voted is available by filling out the Voter List Registration under Voter Data at the bottom of the page. Please remember to refresh your browser window for the latest information. The data updates midday on days that we are open for business.

Voter Data

Daily lists of voters who have returned their ballots to the Elections Division are available here during voting periods. There is no charge for these lists. You must log in below to access them. A cumulative file is posted each day during a voting period. These files show voters who have returned a mail ballot, voters who neglected to sign their ballot envelope, and voters whose ballots were returned to the Elections Division as undeliverable. ***Please note that voters with undeliverable ballots have been moved to "Inactive Undeliverable Ballot" status in the statewide voter registration database so those voters no longer appear in the dataset.***