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Recreation Centers by Membership Level:

Regional centers are Denver's largest recreation centers and are open 7 days a week. They offer a variety of amenities, fitness classes, and activities. All regional recreation centers have indoor pools that are open year-round.

Athmar Recreation Center

2680 W Mexico Ave. | 303.937.4600 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Carla Madison Recreation Center

2401 E. Colfax Ave. | 720.865.5580 |
Lap Pool Schedule (PDF) | Leisure Pool Schedule (PDF) | Gym Schedule (PDF) | Fitness & Active Older Adult Classes

Central Park Recreation Center

9651 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. | 720.865.0750 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF) | Gym Schedule (PDF)

Montbello Recreation Center

15555 E 53rd Ave. | 720.865.0580 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Montclair Recreation Center

729 Ulster Way | 720.865.0560 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Rude Recreation Center

2855 W. Holden Place | 720.865.0570 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Scheitler Recreation Center

5031 W 46th Ave | 720.865.0640 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Washington Park Recreation Center

701 S Franklin St. | 720.865.3400 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Local recreation centers are smaller than regional centers and are open 5-6 days a week. Some local centers have a year-round indoor pool and many others have outdoor pools that are operational during the summer season.

Ashland Recreation Center

2475 W Dunkeld Place | 720.865.0510 |
Ashland Fitness (PDF) | Ashland Pool (PDF) 

Cook Park Recreation Center

7100 Cherry Creek South Dr. | 720.865.0610 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)

Eisenhower Recreation Center

4300 E Dartmouth Ave. | 720.865.0730 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)

Glenarm Recreation Center 

2800 Glenarm Place | 720.865.3380 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center 

4890 Argonne Way | 720.865.4370 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)

Harvard Gulch Recreation Center

550 E Iliff Ave. | 720.865.0905 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)

Harvey Park Recreation Center

2120 S Tennyson Way | 720.865.0550 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)

Hiawatha Davis Jr Recreation Center

3334 Holly St | 720.865.0590 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

La Familia Recreation Center

65 S. Elati St  | 720.865.2170 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Southwest Recreation Center

9200 W Saratoga Place | 720.865.0670 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)

Twentieth St Recreation Center

1011 20th St. | 720.865.0520 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Neighborhood centers are open 5-6 days a week. Some have an outdoor pool that is open during the summer season.

Aztlan Recreation Center

4435 Navajo St | 720.865.4380 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)


Barnum Recreation Center

360 Hooker St | 720.865.0350 |
Fitness Schedule


Highland Recreation Center

2880 Osceloa St | 720.865.0600 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)


La Alma Recreation Center

1325 W 11th Ave | 720.865.2200 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)


Martin Luther King Jr Recreation Center

3880 Newport St | 720.865.0530 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF) | Pool Schedule (PDF)

Platt Park Senior Center

1500 S Grant St | 720.865.0630 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)


St. Charles Recreation Center

3777 Lafayette St | 720.865.2190 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)


Stapleton Recreation Center

5090 Broadway | 720.865.2150 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)


Swansea Recreation Center

2650 E 49th Ave | 720.865.0540 |
Fitness Schedule (PDF)

Recreation Activity Guide

DPR offers a variety of classes, excursions and more in 8 different programming areas. Browse our comprehensive activity guide to learn more!


If you are unable to access the documents linked on this page, please contact our Guest Relations team by sending an email to or by calling 720-913-0654 to be connected with another resource. Search group fitness classes and active older adult programming on our citywide fitness calendar.