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Donate to Parks and Recreation

As stewards of Denver’s legacy, Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) is dedicated to enhancing the lives by providing programs in safe, beautiful, and sustainable places. Because of the generosity of donors like you, we can fund essential projects that help maintain and strengthen our parks and recreation system -- projects that will help protect vital lands and safeguard historic sites, improve trails and parks, provide safe places for our children to play and learn, and give our young people the opportunity to experience these iconic places.

By making a tax-deductible  gift today, you will help with efforts underway in our city.

Through the generosity of individuals, foundations, and business partners, we can enhance Denver’s legacy of creating a beautiful city within a park. As the government funding continues to dwindle for our services and programs, we need your help now more than ever. Learn more about the giving opportunities below.

Giving Opportunities

Adaptive Recreation provides services to services and programs to youth and adults with intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities to ensure full participation in and access to recreation and learning opportunities. The goal of the program is to develop leisure and supportive knowledge and skills to enable their participation in a continuum of services in the least restrictive environment.

Adaptive Recreation provides a variety of programs and services which encompass the following: aquatics and fitness; sports, including kayaking and skiing; arts and culture spanning cooking, visual arts, and actors workshop; Special Olympics; outdoor recreation and experiential education, including hiking and camping; and a variety of special events.

By giving to Adaptive Recreation, you are ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate in recreation activities, develop new skills and learn confidence in an inclusive environment.
Donate to Adaptive Recreation.

Have you been to City Park’s Gates Interactive Fountain or Civic Center’s Seal Fountain? Our park system is home to a number of fountains that serve as the gathering place and focal point, drawing visitors to experience their history and breathtaking sculpture and artwork. These important historic treasures enrich our landscape by connecting us to places that matter. By making a gift today, you will help us restore these signature pieces of sculptures for generations to enjoy!

Denver Parks and Recreation provides you with an opportunity to pay tribute to special individuals or events with a commemorative plaque on a standard bench in one of the 260 parks located in the City & County of Denver.

The Commemorative Bench Program is administered by the Denver Park Trust and allows you to make a lasting tribute and a meaningful donation to your community. Your tax deductible, $2,500 donation will result in a bench plaque and will help grow and improve Denver’s park system.

For more information, please visit to the Denver Park Trust's website or email

Although scattered in four counties, the Denver Mountain Parks make up a cohesive system of significant lands connected by watersheds, forests, sensitive ecosystems, trails, and scenic drives. Each park has its own distinct character, but the system as a whole shares an audience, uses, geography, character, and historic integrity. These similarities offer a way of organizing the parks according to the roles they play in the larger system. Both Daniels and Genesee are home to the bison herd, which was established in 1914 with bison from Yellowstone National Park.

Because these iconic, historic places – Red Rocks and Genesee Parks – represent our past and enrich our future, we need your help. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift online. Your donation will be used to protect fragile ecosystems and scenic views as well as to enhance park amenities

Each year DPR grows its perennial and annual plants as well as shrubs from seedlings to mature plants in our City Greenhouse. DPR’s flowerbeds and gardens span 200 square feet to 7,000 square feet in more than 550 sites in our parks and along our parkways. To support the City’s Greenhouse as well as the planting and maintenance of flowers gardens throughout our park system and along parkways, please consider making a gift today.

Trees are an extremely valuable resource that not only provides attractive landscapes but also replenishes oxygen in the atmosphere, cools us with shade in the summer and helps clean the air. Through a series of innovative initiatives, Denver Parks and Recreation is strategically increasing the urban tree canopy with the goals of reducing the urban heat island effect; reducing building energy usage and associated greenhouse gas emissions; and creating and improving walkable routes between schools, parks, and residential neighborhoods. Trees also control flood and storm water issues, clean the air of particulate matter, absorb and hold onto pollutants that would otherwise enter waterways, provide shade to cool waters for aquatic inhabitants.

In a coordinated effort to enhance and preserve Denver's urban tree canopy, DPR created Mile High Million to ensure that Denver's prized urban environment does not decline despite the economic challenges faced by many cities. DPR supports tree distribution and planting events; new tree planting opportunities; and educating community members to serve as community foresters and advocates in their neighborhoods.

DPR through the Mile High Million Initiative and Denver Digs provides free trees to residents. By making a gift today, you will support these efforts across our city.

Natural Areas
The Natural Areas Program’s mission is to establish and maintain sustainable and healthy ecosystems including natural areas, mountain parks and waterways. Unlike traditional developed parks, the natural area sites are guided, developed and sustained more by natural processes and not by mans’ horticultural activities. The Natural Areas Program manages over 3,000 acres of natural open space within Denver’s urban boundaries. Some of the activities include noxious weed management, education and outreach, wildlife habitat protection, and land restoration activities.

When you make a gift to our Natural Areas Program, you are supporting environmental education that connects people to nature and environmental stewardship activities that improve our waterways, plant and wildlife communities. Donate to Denver's Natural Areas Program.

Consider honoring a loved one or celebrating a milestone through our signature program that enhances our park and recreation system. You can sponsor the installation of a park bench, playground, recreation equipment, scoreboard, fitness zones, and picnic area as just a few examples of how your gift can make a lasting difference in our park system. To learn more about giving opportunities that support the construction and installation of park and recreation amenities, please contact the Development Office.

Cranmer Sundial
Join your neighbors in saving a place that matters so much in your neighborhood! Sundial Plaza at Cranmer Park has been part of our heritage and neighborhood since it was first constructed in 1941.

Today, the site is in desperate need for restoration to include reconstruction of the terrazzo panorama and the flagstone foundation supporting the sundial. Responding to this urgent call to action, community members, businesses, and government officials came together last year to launch the Save the Sundial campaign to support fundraising efforts for Cranmer Park. More than $550,000 of the $1.3 million needed to complete the project has been committed to-date by DPR and community members. Because there are special places like Sundial Plaza that hold many memories, we need your help!

To learn more about saving this treasured place, please call the Development Office or give online today by selecting the Sundial Fund. You may also view a YouTube video from Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Program.

Maximize your return on investment by aligning with Denver Parks and Recreation! Our brand allows corporate partners to expand their reach through the numerous marketing and business opportunities, countless venues, an extensive list of assets, and various signature events. By becoming a sponsor of DPR, your company will have unparalleled access to tens of thousands of consumers to build market share and brand awareness while further refining marketing impact by focusing on specific markets. Please call the Development Office for a customized sponsorship proposal.

Community Recreation provides structured recreation programs for youth that encourage learning and promote healthy living and fun in a safe environment. At DPR, we offer a variety of out-of-school programs, that include afterschool and summer day camps that are affordable and accessible options for Denver’s families.

Studies consistently demonstrate that afterschool programming provides many benefits for children, including significantly higher school day attendance, increased rate of graduation, and better test scores. These programs yield positive outcomes for youth in several developmental areas, such as civic engagement, conflict resolution skills, and academic success. By investing in quality afterschool programs, we can bolster the success factors for children. DPR fulfills this need in our community. To contribute to a child’s success by contributing to community recreation, please donate now.

Denver Parks and Recreation provides a broad range of programs, services, facilities and park amenities to the citizens of Denver. The park system’s 135-year system encompasses nearly 3,000 acres of “traditional” parks and parkways and 2,500 urban natural acres in the city alone, 80 miles of trails, and an additional 14,141 acres of spectacular, pristine mountain parks. Our parks system is also home to many historic features and landmarks, including many decorative fountains in such parks as City and Civic Center, the historic Patrick House and Chief Hosa Lodge, and uniqueness of Cranmer Park’s sundial.

Our parks capture all that is the essence of Colorado, from sand hill prairie along First Creek in far northeast Denver to fragile tundra at the peak of Mount Evans. They span nearly 100 miles, 8,700 feet in elevation change, and five ecosystems. DPR’s park system also boasts eight golf courses, 155 tennis courts, innovative playgrounds, and nationally recognized cultural attractions, such as the Red Rocks and the Buffalo Bill Museum, that serve millions of visitors annually.

By making a gift to our park system you are helping us preserve and protect these iconic treasures for generations to enjoy and build upon this legacy with new playgrounds and new parkland. Support our parks and trails with a gift today.

Join our dedicated pool of volunteers contributing their time and skills on various projects and programs. Denver Parks and Recreation utilizes volunteers throughout our operations, including our parks, recreation centers and pools, and administrative offices. To learn more about our various volunteer opportunities, please visit the DPR Volunteer page.