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The Denver Immigrant and Refugee Commission advocates for the immigrant and refugee communities of the City of Denver. They connect communities with allies, stakeholders and resources in Denver and provide valuable community context and input to policy makers. The Commission engages communities in an integrative and meaningful way and provides education by raising awareness about resources that will make their integration into the Denver community constructive.

ROLE OF THE COMMISSION: To develop collaborative and partnership potential between Denver’s immigrant and refugee communities and the City & County of Denver and to identify and impact mutual community challenges and opportunities.

  • 2017 Goals
  • 2015 Listening Session Report – Read the Commission’s summary report of their 2015 Listening Session where 21 local nonprofits presented the priorities of Denver’s immigrant and refugee communities.

Commission Meetings

Last Wednesday of each month from 6:00pm-7:30pm

The Spring Institute
1373 Grant St.
Denver, CO 80203

Note: All commission meetings are open to the public. Meeting agendas and minutes as well as other commission documents can be found here.



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Nhu-Minh Le is the Director of Victim Assistance at the Asian Pacific Development Center.

Le joined the commission to provide a voice to those who are consistently under-represented in our communities. Nhu-Minh wants to represent members of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities as well as immigrants and refugees from all over the world who are being demonized and targeted by those in power. She wants to offer a perspective only held by people like herself who have experienced the hardship of uprooting family in pursuit of a better life.

Outside of work and the commission, Nhu-Minh is constantly seeking opportunities to challenge herself both mentally and physically. Whether in the gym, on the trail, or at home, she wants to know that she is the most well-rounded, educated and active person possible, conquering each challenge with motivation and vigor. Le seeks to understand her community and to help shape it in the future, fostering the ideal of self-motivation and providing equal opportunities for all.

Grazyna Lewkowicz is a financial analyst at Arrow Electronics, Inc. where she focuses on project & financial analysis.

Lewkowicz joined DIRC to contribute her time and advice to the immigrant/refugee community in the Denver Metro area. She also wants to bring the Polish immigrant community closer to other immigrant/refugee communities.

In her spare time, Grazyna loves to travel and explore new places, cultures, and meet new people. She enjoys either domestic or international destinations and her travel list is constantly growing. She also enjoys spending time outside hiking mountains, paddle boarding, and just being active in general. Her real passion is in photography and finding new angles for common, usual things & items. Grazyna loves a good adrenaline rush and seldom says NO to bungee jumping, sky diving, or scuba diving.

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Karima Wahab is a manager and Regulatory Supervisory Principal at TIA tasked with the approval of marketing materials to meet FINRA regulations as well as internal policies and procedures. She is also responsible for being aware of industry and regulatory standards as well as the marketing strategy to ensure standards are met as content is approved.

Wahab joined the commission because she wanted to be a voice or a bridge for her own community, to have a seat at the table and find out the major topics occurring in the Denver community so that she may be an advocate for those who do not have access to the powerful information that the commission is provided. This commission is a great opportunity to be more involved in her community and be able to make a difference.

Outside of work, Karima loves discovering new ways to improve her day to day life whether it be through exercise, organizing her home/work life balance, or quick recipes! She also loves traveling and likes to spend time reading magazines trying to discover her next vacation location.


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Chiara Subhas is a Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Downtown Denver; however, Chiara’s background is in International relations/human rights and refugee work.

Subhas is a longtime Colorado Resident and has worked with the refugee and immigrant community over the years. Her parents came to the USA as adults from Italy and India which has always made her a supporter of immigrant rights.

Outside of work, Chiara spends a lot of time in the outdoors, skiing, running, biking, and rafting. She also travels extensively and is involved with dog rescue (she has 3 dogs of her own).  


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For questions, comments, or more information please contact:
Jamie Torres, DIRC Liaison

Are you interested in joining the Immigrant & Refugee Commission? Follow the below steps.

  1. Review information about DIRC
  2. Complete DIRC's questionnaire and submit to
  3. Submit your online application 



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