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Make Your Compost Collection Service Payment Online

Credit Cards Accepted

VISA, Mastercard, Discover

Compost Payment Options

“Please note: If your account is overdue and you owe more than $29.25, please submit multiple payments.”

Required: Agree to Terms and Conditions

I understand that by enrolling for compost collection service I hereby agree to pay quarterly payments of $29.25; understand that no part of the service fee is guaranteed to be refunded when services are cancelled for any reason; agree to contact the City & County of Denver prior to cancelling or transferring services; acknowledge that the green compost cart remains the property of the City and County of Denver; and acknowledge that the green compost cart may be removed for failure to make service payments or if its use is deemed inappropriate by the City & County of Denver.



Payment Page Technical Difficulties

We are having technical difficulties with our payment page showing an error message even though the payment went through.  If you receive an error message that your payment did not go through, please wait a few minutes for a confirmation email.  If you do not receive one, please try your payment again.  This will help avoid a double charge to your account.   


*$107 annual payment option only available through 2/29/16 and for residents with service activated at the start of the 1st Quarter of 2016.