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Welcome to Central Services


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Central services employees reviewing print offs

Mission: To provide business support services that enable you to achieve your goals in the most efficient and timely manner.

Central Services is a division of General Services. We are located on the 3rd floor of the Webb Municipal Building.

As specified in Executive Order No. 52, our role in the organization is to provide citywide administrative support services either directly or through contracting. These services are in the form of printing and mailing services, copy machine acquisition, and the operation of the city main mailroom.

We also handle all inter-departmental mail for the City and County of Denver.

What We Do:

  • Contract and program management for the printing and mailing services.
  • Contract and program management for the printing and copying equipment.
  • Procurement and strategic placement of copy machines.
  • Mail pick-up and delivery for locations outside of the Webb building.
  • Manage city-wide equipment usage and interoffice mail for the Webb building.
  • We have setup a recycling station for ink, toner and printer cartridges in our mail room.
Need Service?
To request printing or mailing services, please call 720.913.4600 or email or

Contact Us

Central Services Division
Webb Municipal Building
201 W. Colfax Ave - Dept 305
Denver, CO 80202

Main Phone: (720) 913-4600
Fax: (720) 913-4603

WMB Mail Room Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM

Printing and Mailing:

Copier/MFDs: or

Packages Distribution and Interoffice Mail:

Division Manager:
Roy Lie
(720) 913-0812