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Request for Proposals: Contracted Hauling Services

Project Control No.   PWSTM2015-004
eBid Document No. 4267948

General Statement of Work: The City and County of Denver seeks qualified contractors to perform contract hauling services in an on-call capacity for hauling of milling, paving, and other operations as needed. The approximate value of this procurement is $2,000,000.00, with one or more contracts awarded to reach that aggregate amount.

A Pre-Submittal Meeting will be held February 17, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. MST

Webb Building
201 W Colfax Ave. - 4th Floor, Conf. Rm. 4.I.2
Denver, CO 80202

All firms interested in submitting a proposal are encouraged to attend. All Proposers will be held responsible for any information conveyed at the meeting.

Pre-Sumittal Conference Sign-in Sheet (PDF)

Addendum (PDF)

Responses in the form of printed proposals will be due March 10, 2016, no later than 10:00 a.m. MST.

Delivered to
Public Works Finance and Administration, Attn: Diane Urbina
201 W. Colfax, Ste. 614
Denver, CO  80202

SBE Defined Pool Requirements:

This construction contract solicitation is subject to the defined pool selection requirements of Article VII, Chapter 28 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code (D.R.M.C.) (the “SBE Ordinance”) and, as such, this contract is excluded from the coverage of Article III, Chapter 28 of the D.R.M.C.

Section 28-207, D.R.M.C. of Article VII authorizes the Director of the Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) to designate selected design and construction services contracts as restricted for award only to Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) participating in the defined pool selection program.  The Director has designated this project solicitation as a defined pool project, and in accordance with the SBE ordinance, award will be strictly limited to currently certified SBE Proposers/joint venturers who comply with the requirements of Article VII.  Proper SBE certification in accordance Section 28-206, D.R.M.C. shall be a condition of responsiveness and award will only be made to the lowest, total, responsive, qualified SBE Proposer.  Under Section 28-208, D.R.M.C., compliance with this defined pool selection requirement shall be mandatory for all Proposers and shall require a demonstration that each Proposer is either: (1) a certified SBE contractor or (2) a qualified joint venture that includes a certified SBE contractor.  In addition, each Proposer must establish that such SBE will perform a commercially useful function.  

Section 28-209, D.R.M.C. direct the Director of the Division of Small Business Opportunity to establish a mandatory SBE sub contractor participation requirement for selected projects.  The mandatory SBE participation requirement for this project is:

7% Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Participation

This mandatory subcontractor participation requirement is in addition to the defined pool prime contractor selection requirement described above and, as such, must be met only with certified subcontractors, suppliers and other participants as set forth in Sections 28-209 and 28-210, D.R.M.C.  A Proposer cannot meet this additional participation requirement through self-performance.

Each Proposer shall submit, at the time of proposal opening, the completed forms and other information required by DSBO to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Article VII under § 28-212, D.R.M.C.  A determination by DSBO that a Proposer has failed to comply with these defined pool selection requirements, as specified herein and set forth in Chapter VII, and as such, is non-responsive shall result in no further consideration of the proposal by the Executive Director of Public Works.

RFP Documents Available February 8, 2016

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Quest eBidDoc Project Number: #4267948
Download Cost $10.00

Project Manager: Brian Roecker

Contract Administrator: Diane Urbina

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Publication Dates:   February 8, 9, 10, 2016
Published In:   The Daily Journal