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Dec 28, 2018

Contract 201846567 River North Park

Note new bid opening date Development of a 3.5 acre parcel in the River North Neighborhood at 35th and Arkins Ct. into a new Park and road segment. Work includes excavation and haul off, site grading, concrete work, drainage and water quality, repurposed play equipment and site furnishings, water service, plumbing, electric and lighting, irrigation and landscaping.

Dec 27, 2018

Contract 201846881 Colfax Ave Improvements at Lipan St

The Colfax/Lipan intersection is heavily used by pedestrians in order to access bus stops, an LRT station and the Auraria campus. This project entails conversion of the intersection to right turns only, which will reduce vehicle/pedestrian conflict and hence improve safety. Most of the improvements were installed in Phase 1. Phase 2 encompasses construction of curb extensions on the south side of Colfax and installation of enhanced, thermoplastic crosswalks for eastbound Colfax.

Dec 24, 2018

Letters of Interest: 16th Street Mall Design-Build Project

The City and County of Denver (City), is soliciting Letters of Interest from companies or teams interested in providing design-build services for the 16th Street Mall Design-Build Project (Project). The Project will renovate the 16th Street Mall (Mall) to increase opportunities for public use of the Mall as an iconic civic space for leisure, commerce, and tourism; address the deteriorating infrastructure to allow for reasonable maintenance frequency and reduce operations and maintenance costs to businesses and taxpayers; improve safety for pedestrians and vehicles; and maintain mobility for all users, including transit, pedestrians, and bikes. The work for this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) consists of design and construction of the Project including project roadway geometry, transit way design, public life, urban design, landscaping, paver design, ADA compliance, drainage, geotechnical, utility relocation, and all other final design features.

Dec 17, 2018

RFQ: Byers and Smiley Branch Library CM/GC

The City and County of Denver (City) is soliciting Requests for Qualifications from qualified firms to provide Construction Management/General Contracting services to renovate the historic Byers and Smiley Branch Libraries. Byers Branch Library is located at 675 Santa Fe Blvd and Smiley Branch Library is located at 4501 West 46th Avenue, both in Denver, Colorado. Each building is approximately 4,700 sf. Major components to the renovation are expected to include electrical and mechanical system upgrades, and restroom remodels. The buildings are designated historic landmarks and will require a General Contractor with experience working on historic buildings.

Dec 14, 2018

Contract 201846642 2019 Wastewater Infrastructure Program Support

*Note new bid opening date* A 3-year long contract designed to support the implementation of the Wastewater Infrastructure Improvement Program. Work performed will include but is not limited to: replacement of sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure; Infrastructure Program systems support and/or development; cured-in-place lining for water, storm, and sanitary infrastructure; work in open channel waterways; environmental site investigation and/or early construction activities; negotiating early site access and agreements; structural rehabilitation of manholes, inlets, and other wastewater infrastructure, installation or stabilization of concrete flatwork, street infrastructure, or subgrades; promoting storm drainage in the City Right-of-way, City parks, or other City owned facilities and land; utility relocation and coordination; compliance with regulations including the American Disability Act; other work to satisfy City obligations under State, Federal, and Army Corp issued permits or other City agreements associated with Infrastructure Projects involving new construction, water quality, and drainage way improvements. This contract will be used on an as needed basis and the contract amount is no guarantee of work. This contract may be awarded to multiple bidders.

Dec 10, 2018

RFP: Stock Yards Phase 1 and Stock Yards Event Center Pad Ready Heavy Civil General Contractors

The Mayor’s Office of the National Wester Center (NWCO) and the Horizontal Integrated Contractor (HIC) Hensel Phelps (HP) have issued a Request for Bids to complete the development of the pad ready site in preparation for vertical construction for the stock yard event center as well as for the stock yards phase 1. Bids for Heavy Civil General Contractors will be accepted.

Dec 05, 2018

Contract 201845550 Asbury & Tejon Park

*Note new bid opening date* Asbury & Tejon Park is a relatively small park comprised of two parcels near the intersection of West Asbury Avenue and South Tejon Street in the southwest portion of the City and County of Denver. The park is managed by DPR, but the park also plays a significant role in managing stormwater for the Ruby Hill Drainage Basin (basin 0065-01). The current stormwater infrastructure located within the park impacts both the function and aesthetics of the park from a recreational standpoint. This project entails the retrofit of the existing detention basin in Asbury & Tejon Park to include water quality and improve recreational aspects of Park.

Dec 04, 2018

Contract 201846136 Denver TIP FY 2015

*New bid opening date* This project will improve the signal system control by furnishing and installing system software and equipment, signal equipment (signal controllers, cabinets, line conditioning UPS's, hubs, etc.), communication devices, and communication media for signal system projects. Signalized intersections will be upgraded in the area of Tamarac Street (from E. Girard Ave. to E. Dartmouth Ave.), Quebec St. (from Cherry Creek Drive to 14th Ave and from 17th to 56th), Valentia/56th, Monaco St. (from MLK to 17th and from 14th to Virginia), MLK Blvd. (Roslyn to Iola), Smith Rd./Rosemary, 29th Ave. (Havana to Iola), Havana St. (40th to 51st), Florence/56th, Peoria St. (Smith to 51st), Chambers Rd. (40th to 53rd), Tower Rd. (43rd to 56th), Pena/Tower both north and south ramps, 48th Ave. (Argonne to Himalaya), Yosemite/Eastman/Syracuse Way, Syracuse Way/Wabash/Xeric Ct., Pena/56th both east and west ramps, Leetsdale Dr. (Alameda to Oneida), and Mississippi/Parker. Intersections may be added or subtracted based on design issues, other projects in the project area, or budget issues.

Nov 28, 2018

Contract 201846018 La Plata Peak General Storm

The La Plata Peak General Storm contract has two separate project locations, one at 43rd Ave & Sherman St and the other at Exposition Ave & S Fillmore St. Each location will address localized flooding problems by constructing a new storm drain system that ties into existing storm drain infrastructure. Concrete flatwork such as curb, gutter, sidewalk and concrete crosspans and asphalt paving will also be part of the scope of work.

Nov 16, 2018

RFQ: General Contractors Construction On-Call

The City and County of Denver Public Works Department is seeking general contractors to provide on-call construction services as needed for construction work on municipal buildings. The City anticipates awarding multiple contracts to multiple general contractors. The Agreement for On-Call Construction Services (Agreement) will have a three-year term and will have a contract capacity of $15,000,000. Projects will be initiated by issuing Work Orders under the Agreement.