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Request For Qualifications: On-Call Professional Planning, Engineering, and Design Services for City and County of Denver Strategic Transportation Plan

 eBid DOCUMENT NO. 6979066

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), City and County of Denver, has issued a Request for Qualifications (the “RFQ”) for professional services for the Denver Strategic Transportation Plan (STP). 

Addendum #1 (PDF)

RFQ documents will be available for download at, eBid Document No. 6979066, at the cost of $15.00.

Digital Download -        Denver, County/City - Projects

Responses are due at 10:00 a.m. local time, May 18, 2020, and will ONLY be received and accepted via the online electronic bid service through To submit responses, click the online bidding button at the top of the advertisement. Proposers must be on the plan holders list through QuestCDN for proposals to be accepted. Proposers will be charged a fee of $30.00 to submit a proposal electronically.

Pre-Submittal Meeting: A Pre-Submittal Meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. local time, April 23, 2020,, via teleconference. Details to access the meeting will be provided to all registered plan holders via QuestCDN. Interested firms are encouraged to attend. Proposers are responsible for any information conveyed during this meeting.

Sheet (PDF)

Deadline to Submit Questions: May 4, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. local time.

General Statement of Work: The Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) requests qualifications for professional planning, engineering, and design services to conduct, prepare, and provide the Denver Strategic Transportation Plan (STP or Plan). The STP will set the overall transportation mobility vision for Denver for the next 20 years and will define the work program and system integration needs to achieve overall mobility goals. The Plan will be action-oriented resulting in policy and project recommendations for near, mid and long-term implementation. It will establish a baseline, incorporate system needs and asset management, prioritize projects, identify preliminary costs, and recommend strategies for efficient implementation based on funding availability.

The Plan will be a road map that outlines the future expected outcomes and indicators, new policies, defined programs, and identified projects that will support an integrated transportation network that meets Denver’s goals. The STP will be used for both internal work efforts related to evaluation of land use and transportation integration, while externally providing a transparent data driven transportation mobility plan that the public can understand.

A key component of the STP will be provide Denver DOTI with technical analysis and a suite of tools that functionally provide ways to test changing land uses, transportation mobility improvements, understand a variety of different outputs related to activities, can produce a visual output, and complement each other.

Minority and Women Business Enterprise Participation: The project goal of 18% must be met with certified participants as set forth in Section 28-65, D.R.M.C. or through the demonstration of a sufficient good faith effort under Section 28-62 D.R.M.C. For compliance with good faith requirements under Section 28-62(b), the M/WBE percentage solicitation level required for this project is 100%.

General: As the City’s best interests may appear, the Executive Director of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) reserves the right to waive informalities in, and to reject any or all, submittals.

Publication Dates: April 9, 10, 13, 2020

Published In:  The Daily Journal