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Email Applications Process

The Department of Excise and Licenses will continue to process applications via email for all license types. Online applications will continue to be worked with no changes or interruptions to the current process. Mailed in applications will continue to be worked with no changes or interruptions to the current process. Please see the steps below on how to submit your application via email.

In abundance of caution to avoid the need for the public to apply for any licenses or renewals in-person, here are instructions how all customers can apply for a business license or renewal via email.

When submitting your email application, please attach all documents pertaining to your license application to ONE email.

How to Apply via Email

  1. Go to Business Licenses to identify the license requirements for your license type
  2. Obtain a copy of your Zone Use Permit or apply for a Zone Use Permit (if applicable) at Applying for a Zone Use Permit
  3. Fingerprinting (if applicable) must be done through IdentoGO or Colorado Fingerprinting
  4. Download and fill out all required documents from How to Get a New Business License – Required Documents
  5. Email your completed application and Zone Use Permit (if applicable) to

  1. Upon reviewing your application, if documents are missing or not filled out completely you will receive a deficiency email detailing the corrections that need to be done
  2. Please reply to the email with all corrections
  3. When the application has been found to be complete, we will email you an invoice with instructions on how to pay via phone with a credit or debit card (City and County of Denver does not accept American Express)
  4. Reply to the email advising that payment has been made
  5. We will email you the inspections notice (if applicable)
  6. Reply to the email when all inspections have been completed (if applicable)
  7. You will receive the business license via email