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Transportation & Mobility


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Denver must expand options for getting around the city faster and enhance safety for all users of our streets and sidewalks. Several major investments underway will help.  Voters approved an impressive $431 million, nearly half of the November 2017 General Obligation Bond, for transportation and mobility. We’ve also made significant, one-time investments in the 2019 budget, made possible by our strong economy. For the future, however, we need dedicated and sustainable funding to maintain and improve our transportation network. It will be my priority to engage the people of Denver in dialogue about the options for funding because efficient, affordable transportation is important to Denver’s quality of life. 

Denver is well-positioned to have a conversation about a sustainable source of funding, based on transportation plans developed with significant public input that is already in place or underway:

Below are examples and more information on Transportation and Mobility projects funded by the bond. Explore a complete list of projects.

Transportation & Mobility Projects Around Denver
  • Transit Network:
    Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) on East Colfax ($55M) and other projects like transit enhancement on West Colfax ($200k) are receiving a boost from the bond. The 2019 budget also includes $1M to prepare for more transit improvements in the future.
  • Bike Network:
    50 miles of new bikeways built by the bond ($18M) and $7.1M for the bicycle network in the 2019 budget.
  • Pedestrian Network:
    33 miles of new sidewalks built by the bond ($30M) and $3,8M more for sidewalks and intersection improvements in the 2019 budget.
  • Road and Bridge Repairs:
    375 miles of road repairs completed by the bond, and 430 miles by the 2019 budget.

  • East Denver - Colfax Bus Rapid Transit (BRT):
    The faster buses move, the more people will ride them, which is why a rapid service bus is planned for East Colfax to serve 50,000 people/day, more than double today's ridership.
  • Central Denver - 13th Avenue Bikeway:
    One of our key east/west routes from the South Platte River trail to Lincoln Street will get protected bike lanes in 2019.
  • South Denver - Hampden Avenue Pedestrian:
    Improvements are beginning on the Hampden Avenue corridor to increase connectivity and provide safer options for walkers and bike-riders. In 2019, the city and CDOT will repave it and install pedestrian safety improvements, including medians and refuge areas between 1-25 & Tamarac.
  • North Denver - 47th & York Bike/Pedestrian Bridge:
    Construction is set to begin in Spring 2019 on a community-driven safety improvement in one of our lowest-income areas. This bridge will provide safer, more efficient routes through Elyria and Swansea, including getting students to school without crossing the railroad tracks.


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