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  Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

To protect the health and well-being of our community and to support social distancing guidelines, the Community Planning and Development permit counter is temporarily closed.

All projects must apply and pay for permits online.

Instructions for our online services »



If you are unsure which permit counter service you need or what to bring with you, review the service descriptions and requirements here before scheduling your visit.

Appointments are available for three of our high-volume services. All other permit counter services remain first come, first served. 

Please check in at the kiosk or Customer Service Center (both located at the entrance to the permit counter) at least 15 minutes before your appointment.

The permit counter is located on the second floor of the Webb Municipal Building, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80202.

Questions? Email or call 720-865-2720.


Log In (not Resubmittals)

For resubmittals, arrive between 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (2:30 p.m. on Mondays). Appointments are only for the initial log in.

NEW! All customers can
log in through e-permits >>

  • Log In appointments are 40 minutes each.
  • 1 project per appointment (2 fire log-ins are okay, since these take less time).
  • Appointments are booked back-to-back and cannot be extended in person. If you need multiple permits, book two or apply through e-permits.
  • If you have a Project Coordinator, make sure you have their approval before making an appointment or submitting electronically, or you may not be able to log in. 
  • Maximum of 2 appointments per person, per day.

Walk-through Counters

Appointments are 30 minutes each.

  • 1 project per appointment.
  • You can book two appointments if you need time for multiple permits. Once booked, appointments cannot be extended in person.
  • Appointments are only available for the following walk-through counters:
    • Single-family/duplex counter - now available for online submittal through e-permits!
    • Architectural/structural counter (commercial and multifamily projects)
    • Denver International Airport -
      Airport projects eligible for a walk-through review can schedule architectural/access control, mechanical/plumbing, and electrical appointments.
  • If the reviewer determines that the project is too complex or lacks the information needed for a same-day approval, the project must be logged in for review.
  • Maximum of 2 appointments per person, per day.


Logged-in Plan Pick-up

Appointments are 30 minutes each.

  • 1 project per appointment (2 fire pick-ups are okay, since these take less time).
  • Write your Log number in the "Notes" section of the appointment request form.
  • For IRC townhomes, schedule pick-up through your project coordinator - NOT online.
  • Maximum of 2 appointments per person, per day.




The system will send you an appointment confirmation email, or you can write down the booking reference number from the confirmation screen after booking an appointment and use this to check in at the kiosk at the 2nd floor permit counter. 

Cancellations: Appointments can be cancelled at any time using the cancellation link in your appointment confirmation email. Repeated no-shows or customers who attempt to abuse the system will not be able to schedule future appointments online.

If you want to confirm an appointment or if you need to cancel an appointment and did not get a confirmation email, please email and provide your name, date and time of the appointment, and service for which the appointment was made.