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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program for Small, Micro Businesses and Nonprofits

Program has closed

As of November 20, 2020, we have successfully exhausted our supplies of free PPE kits for Denver businesses and nonprofits.  We very much appreciate the involvement and cooperation that made this program a success

For the time being, registrations are closed. If additional funding is secured, this program will re-open.

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The City and County of Denver is continuing to support its smallest businesses and nonprofits that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing them with addiitonal free PPE kits. These free kits will help organizations offset an unexpected expense and help ensure a safe environment for their employees, volunteers, and customers during the winter months.

Program Details

Program Eligibility

  • Businesses or nonprofits located in Denver
  • Must have 50 or fewer employees
  • Must have been operating before March 1, 2020
  • Organizations who received a kit in the first round, are eligible to receive one more kit in this second round.

Program Disqualification

  • Business/nonprofits with more than 50 employees
  • Business/nonprofits not located in Denver
  • Individuals or families (FFN providers accepted)
  • Hospitals, long-term care facilities, testing centers, hospices, and clinics

Program Delivery Timeline

  • PPE kits are expected to be delivered within 2-3 weeks after your registration form is completed and reviewed for eligibility.
  • Addresses listing a PO Box will not be accepted.
  • Please ensure that you provide the correct address, otherwise delivery is not possible. 


  • Earlier recipients of kits provided feedback to the city on what items were most useful, and we adjusted contents accordingly. 
  • The contents of the kit you receive may vary depending on availability.
  • The items provided in the PPE kits are intended for use by the recipient, their customers, and employees, and shall not be resold.
  • This program is federally funded, thus PPE kits are not available to all industries.