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Employee Parking


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Employee parking permits at city-owned facilities in the downtown area can be very limited at times. Virtually all employee parking facilities are currently occupied with existing permit holders and wait-lists are in place at most parking locations.

If you would like to park your vehicle at a city-managed parking facility, please submit a Monthly Parking Contract Request Form (PDF). On the Request Form, please indicate which parking facilities you are interested in parking at and the Curbside & Parking staff will either place you on the wait list for those facilities and/or assign you to a requested facility, if immediate assignments are available. You are welcome to contact Curbside & Parking at any time regarding the current status and availability at all city facilities as well as to receive estimated wait-list time frames for your requested parking facilities.

Curbside & Parking also keeps a comprehensive list of nearby “non-city” parking facilities in the downtown area. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this resource list, please contact Curbside & Parking.

Vehicle Parking

Monthly Vehicle Parking Costs

Starting January 1, 2020, the monthly parking permit rates at city owned facilities will be as follows:

Downtown Area

  • Denver Performing Arts Complex Garage — $195
  • Denver Perfomring Arts Complex Reserved — $235
  • Minoru Yasui/303 Garage — $187
  • Minoru Yasui/303 Garage Tandem — $117
  • Webb Building Garage — $187
  • Webb Building Garage Night/Weekend — $112
  • Webb Building Garage Motorcycle — $85

Golden Triangle Area

The following locations are restricted/assigned parking facilities and are not available to all city employees

  • Boiler House Reserved Parking Lot (restricted access) — $150
  • City & County Building – Garage & Lots (restricted access) — $155
  • Denver Justice Center Garage (DSD Only) — $140
  • Judges/Maintenance Garage (restricted access) — $155
  • North Elati Parking Lot (restricted access) — $135

Payment Options

Payments for monthly parking permits are withdrawn from your paycheck through pre-tax payroll deduction only. Payroll deductions for parking fees occur on the second paycheck of every month for the subsequent month. The initial first months payment will also be payroll deducted and based on the enrollment timing, a single two-month valued parking deduction may be processed on your initial parking deduction. Once the parking deductions are set-up through payroll deduction, the deductions are withdrawn “pre-tax” (contact your payroll representative for details), thus providing additional savings to you.

For parkers that are not actual “City” employees, but work at a location that is eligible for parking in a city-owned facility, they are required to pay their monthly parking fees by ACH deductions (electronic funds transfers). An additional ACH Authorization Form with an attached voided check is also required to set-up the automatic payment process.

Cancellation of Parking

If you wish to cancel your city employee parking privileges, a completed Parking Cancellation Form (PDF) is required to be submitted to Curbside & Parking at least 30 days in advance of your end-of-month parking termination date. This cancellation form is required to officially stop your parking payroll deductions through the Payroll Division.  The proper return of the gate access device or puck (on the last parking day of the month) is also required to officially cancel your assigned parking privileges. If the cancellation of the permit does not happen prior to the second paycheck cutoff deadline for deductions for the prior month, you may be eligible for a refund, if warranted, for the following unused months’ fees. 

Please Note: There are no pro-rated payments or refunds. All parking assignments are scheduled to begin on the 1st of the month and terminate on the last calendar day of the month. If you cancel your parking any time after the 1st of the month, you must pay for that whole month's parking fees.

Official City Business (OCB) Tag Holders

Parking reminder for 'OCB' tag holders and city fleet drivers:

On street parking around City facilities is for citizens needing to access the buildings. Therefore, it is important that Denver city fleet vehicles and those with ‘official city business’ (OCB) parking tags use approved spaces outside the city building areas (Webb, City & County Building, Minoru Yasui Building, Elections/Environmental Health, Justice Center). 

Additionally, outside of these restriction areas, city fleet vehicles are permitted to park only for the posted time permitted on the sign or meter.  

Those violating the parking restrictions can be cited for parking illegally.  Any citations issued are the responsibility of the driver. 

Please see maps for prohibited parking areas for city fleet vehicles and OCB tag users:


Additional Mobility Options

The city provides additional mobility options to help employees commute affordably. Beginning in January 2018, city employees will be eligible for a deeply discounted EcoPass for $10 per month, pre-taxed. Participation in this program also includes enrollment in a free Guaranteed Ride Home program in case of emergencies.

Additionally, employees who live in the RTD District can park for free for 24 hours at any of RTD’s Park-n-Rides and ride the train or bus into work to eliminate monthly parking costs. Carpooling with one or more co-workers to split monthly parking costs is another great way to save on commuting costs. 

Biking and walking are also low-cost options to get to work and these sources of exercise qualify towards physical activity requirements on the city’s wellness incentive programs.

For those biking, the city offers monitored bike parking, secure bike lockers, and access to shower/locker facilities at several locations. In addition to these transportation benefits, the city also has a partnership with Car2Go who offer discounts on services to all city employees.

Bicycle Parking

All downtown city office buildings have bicycle U-racks located around the perimeter of the buildings and inside several of our parking garages. Bicycles are not permitted inside city buildings and offices. Assigned Bicycle Locker Parking (PDF) may also be available at most building locations for a fee of $3 a month. Please contact Curbside & Parking for more information regarding secure bike lockers.

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