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Rent A City Vehicle

City Employees Only


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City and County of Denver fleet vehicle

Welcome to the Webb building Motor Center. We provide rental vehicles to City employees who otherwise do not have access to vehicles to perform their City related business. Our vision is to be a consistently reliable transportation option to all City employees.


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If the employee is paid out of the General Fund (01010) the rental cost is absorbed by the General fund and PW Fleet Management Cost Centers.

If the employee is not paid out of the General Fund the rental cost is charged to the respective fund and cost center the employee is paid out of.

For non-general fun, the daily rate for a car is $24.00, half day rate is $12.00. For a van the charge is $15.00 for half day and $30.00 for full day rental. Mileage charge if driven 50 miles or more is $0.485 per mile for all miles driven.

(rates current as of September 2019)

Currently we have some 25 vehicles available to rent at any time. We cannot guarantee drive train (gas or electric), but can confirm requested size (car vs. minivan)

  • 2 Dodge Caravans
  • 15 Toyota Hybrid Prius
  • 8 Nissan Electric Plug-in Leafs

If a reserved car will not be picked up the customer is required to inform the motor center to cancel the reservation one hour before pickup time and date.

If vehicle is not picked up within an hour of reservation time the reservation will be considered a no-show and the vehicle will be made available for rent to others.

Vehicle keys must be returned to the designated key box at or before end of reservation time and vehicle drop off.

Any trash or belongings must be removed from vehicle at time of drop off.

Smoking, eating or drinking while operating a vehicle on City business is prohibited

Any accident involving the vehicle has to be reported by following the instructions contained in a red envelope and found in the vehicle.

At return the vehicle must be parked in the designated Motor Center parking area.

If the vehicle is to be taken out of state, the renter must contact Risk Management, 720-913-3330 at least three business days prior to leaving so that the vehicle can be insured for out-of-state travel. Risk Management will notify the renter and the Fleet Director by email when the insurance is in place and an insurance card and incident instructions will be provided.

Risk Management must be notified of any incidents, however minor, involving vehicles insured for out-of-state use.

Parking reminder for 'OCB' tag holders and city fleet drivers:

On street parking around City facilities is for citizens needing to access the buildings. Therefore, it is important that Denver city fleet vehicles and those with ‘official city business’ (OCB) parking tags use approved spaces outside the city building areas (Webb, City & County Building, Minoru Yasui Building, Elections/Environmental Health, Justice Center). 

Additionally, outside of these restriction areas, city fleet vehicles are permitted to park only for the posted time permitted on the sign or meter.  

Those violating the parking restrictions can be cited for parking illegally.  Any citations issued are the responsibility of the driver. 

Please see maps for prohibited parking areas for city fleet vehicles and OCB tag users:

Documents can be found on Denver Hub (login required)

  • Executive Order 3 – Employees Driving for Business
  • Executive Order 74 – Parking
  • Executive Order 65 – Safety
  • Executive Order 94 – Drugs and Alcohol
  • Fiscal Accountability Rules 10.5
  • Career Service Rule 16
  • Risk Management – Safety Standards
  • PWPO-018-Accidents

If the Motor Center determines that a customer has consistently (more than once) failed to follow rules and regulations of the Motor Center, the Motor Center Administrator may revoke the privilege of using the Motor Center to such a customer up to and including indefinitely.

An email will be sent to the customer and their supervisor informing them of the revocation of the Motor Center rental privileges together with a list of infractions.


Contact The Motor Center

201 W. Colfax Avenue
Lobby - Permit Business Center
Denver, CO 80202

Preferred contact method:

Phone: 720-913-0795 
Depending on staffing availability, calls may not be answered

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
7:30am - 4:30pm
Staffed intermittently

Key pick-up available 7:30pm-4:30pm

Key drop-off box available 24/7