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Frequently Asked Questions


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Answers To Common Questions Regarding City Vehicle Rentals

Simply submit request with a read receipt attached and you will know when it was received and read

Cancellations should be submitted by e-mail at least one hour prior to estimated pickup time.

Taking vehicles home is strongly discouraged due to the impact on the next day's reservations requests, as well as the tax implications imposed by the IRS. Please refer to Fiscal Accountability Rule 2.

Taking vehicles out of state is strongly discouraged due to the fact that the limits of liability that apply to governmental entities within the state of Colorado do not apply out of state. If it is absolutely necessary, your agency supervisor must submit a written request to the Director of Fleet Management stating when, where
and why out of state travel is required, as well as notification to the Office of Risk Management at least three business days before leaving so that insurance can be purchased for out of state travel,-The Fleet Director will notify the MotorCenter if approved.

Employees can return the keys and paperwork to the MotorCenter desk until 6:00PM. Should a person return after 6:00PM, keys and paperwork should be placed in the after-hours drop box located on Parking Level 1 (P1) designated by a bright yellow sign.

Yes, the MotorCenter has no way of substantiating your claim, so in order for us to make sure and to have successfully performed our job duties, you will have to go through the training.

Non-city employee passengers are acceptable as long as they aren't driving the vehicle and as long as there is a business purpose associated with their presence in the vehicle. In these instances, the passengers should sign a waiver/release. Release forms are available at the MotorCenter.
In the very rare circumstance where the person actually needs to drive the vehicle (e.g. test drive following authorized warranty repairs), they need to provide proof of auto insurance before they are allowed to drive - as well as a current driver's license.

Keys may be picked-up by personnel other than the renter, provided the MotorCenter has received written approval by the renter, designating the specific individual for key pickup. However, the person picking up the keys may not drive the car.

The minimum charge is an additional day rental fee. However, the total charge is computed based on the number of days the car, the keys or both are unavailable for rental to another customer.

Your agency will be responsible for paying for a replacement key plus an
additional day rental fee.

No, most rentals encompass the six metro county area and the vehicles will be sufficiently fueled. However, if your travel is out of the metro area, that should be noted when requesting the vehicle, to avoid not having enough fuel. Note: the MotorCenter does not reimburse for fuel purchases.

You should notify the MotorCenter immediately of any changes in time at least 30 minutes prior to commitment.

Your agency will be charged for the time you have requested the rental.

You should contact Young-Hee Lewis or Adrianne Coleman of Fleet Management at 720-865-3900.

Official City Business (OCB) Tag Holders

Parking reminder for 'OCB' tag holders and city fleet drivers:

On street parking around City facilities is for citizens needing to access the buildings. Therefore, it is important that Denver city fleet vehicles and those with ‘official city business’ (OCB) parking tags use approved spaces outside the city building areas (Webb, City & County Building, Minoru Yasui Building, Elections/Environmental Health, Justice Center). 

Additionally, outside of these restriction areas, city fleet vehicles are permitted to park only for the posted time permitted on the sign or meter.  

Those violating the parking restrictions can be cited for parking illegally.  Any citations issued are the responsibility of the driver. 

Please see maps for prohibited parking areas for city fleet vehicles and OCB tag users:

Contact The Motor Center

201 W. Colfax Avenue
Lobby - Permit Business Center
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720-913-0795

For questions, email

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