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Vehicle Reservations


To reserve a vehicle, fill out the reservation form on this page after reading the following information.


  • Cancellations: Plans change. If you no longer need your reservation please be kind and CANCEL your reservation to make the vehicle available to others.
    • To cancel, please email us at with the following in the subject line: CANCELED First Last Name, Employee ID, reservation date (Ex. CANCELED John Smith, 123456, 9/22/19).
  • If vehicle is not picked up within one hour of reservation the reservation will be considered a NO SHOW and the vehicle will be made available for rent to others.
  • Pick Up: If you need to pick up a vehicle outside the above hours, please reach out to the Motor Center for special arrangements.
  • Drop Off: You can drop off the vehicle at any time of the “same” day by utilizing the key drop box located at the Motor Center window in the Webb building Lobby. 
  • Overnight rentals need email approval from the Manager of Public Works. Please coordinate with your supervisor to reach out to the Manager of Public Works.
  • Reservations can be made starting the 15th of the month prior to reservation month. (example: reservations for any time in September can be made starting August 15th)
  • Each day requires a separate reservation request.

Reservations requests received before 3:00PM should be confirmed or denied by end of business day. Same day or next day requests received after 3:00 PM the day prior may not be considered depending on staffing availability.


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Official City Business (OCB) Tag Holders

Parking reminder for 'OCB' tag holders and city fleet drivers:

On street parking around City facilities is for citizens needing to access the buildings. Therefore, it is important that Denver city fleet vehicles and those with ‘official city business’ (OCB) parking tags use approved spaces outside the city building areas (Webb, City & County Building, Minoru Yasui Building, Elections/Environmental Health, Justice Center). 

Additionally, outside of these restriction areas, city fleet vehicles are permitted to park only for the posted time permitted on the sign or meter.  

Those violating the parking restrictions can be cited for parking illegally.  Any citations issued are the responsibility of the driver. 

Please see maps for prohibited parking areas for city fleet vehicles and OCB tag users: