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Below is a list of Career Service Rules and sections of the Denver Revised Municipal Code that have been discussed in decisions issued by  the  Hearing Office. Click on any of the highlighted rules to be redirected to the summaries for decisions pertaining to the rule or code section.

Rule 3:  Recruitment and Selection 
3-25:  Responsibilities in the Recruitment and Selection Process 
3-40B:  Pre-Employment Assessments and Tests 

Rule 5:  Appointments and Status
5-22:  Duration
5-23:  Number of Hours Worked
5-30:  Employee Status
5-32:  On-call Status
5-34:  Employment Probationary Status 
5-34 A:  Purpose of Probation 
5-34 E:  Extension of Probation 
5-34 F:  End of Probation Notification 
5-34 F.3.c:  Failure to File End of Probation Notification 
5-35:  Career Status
5-61:  Employee in Employment Probationary Status

Rule 7:  Classification and Compensation 
7-10:  Definitions
7-20:  Classification and Pay Plan
7-31:  Responsibility for Establishment of Positions and Assignment of Duties
7-33:  Re-Allocation of Existing Positions
7-34:  Audits
7-37:  Effective Dates
7-40:  Requests for Administrative Review
7-50:  Compensation Policy 

Rule 9:  Pay Administration
9-31:  Promotion and Re-Promotion
9-33:  Demotion
9-40:  On-Call Employees
9-50:  Differential and Pay Practices
9-52:  Equipment Differential  
9-55:  Standby Pay 
9-56:  Call Back Pay 
9-71:  Standard Work Week
9-72:  Posting of Changes in Work Schedules

Rule 10:  Paid Leave
10-30:  Sick and Vacation Leave
10-63:  Observation of Holiday 

Rule 11:  Unpaid Leave
11-20:  General Provision of Unpaid Leave

Rule 13:  Pay for Performance
13-10 D:  Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
13-20:  Goal Setting and Performance Reviews
13-30:  Performance Review Process
13-39:  Grievances and Appeals Related to Performance Reviews

Rule 14:  Separation Other Than Dismissal   
14-20 A:  Resignation
14-20 C:  Job Abandonment
14-30:  Disqualification
14-31 A:  Physical or Mental Impairment or Incapacity
14-31 B:  Licensure, Certification and Other Legal Requirements
14-32:  Disqualification Procedure
14-40:  Separation of Employees Holding At-Will, Trainee, or Intern Probationary or Employment Probationary Status
14-50:  Layoff
14-50 C:  Job Abandonment
14-51:  Definition of Layoff
14-52:  Order of Layoff
14-54:  Sequence of Layoffs
14-54 C:  Effect of Proficiency
14-55 A:  Reassignment or Transfer Appointment
14-55 B:  Demotional Appointment
14-56 A:  Layoff Planning
14-56 C:  30-Day Notice
14-57:  Re-Instatement

Rule 16:  Code of Conduct and Discipline
16-10:  Service of Written Notice and Computation of Time
16-20:  Code of Conduct
16-22:  Harassment and Discrimination 
16-22 D:  Retaliation Prohibited 
16-25:  Political Activities 
16-28:  Grounds for Discipline
16-29 A:  Neglect of Duty or Carelessness in Performance of Duties and Responsibilities
16-29 B:  Theft, Destruction, or Neglect in Use of City Property or Property or Materials of Any Other Person or Entity 
16-29 C:  Unauthorized Operation or Use of Any City Vehicles, Machines or Equipment 
16-29 D:  Any Act of Dishonesty
16-29 E:  Using Official Position or Authority for Personal Profit or Advantage 
16-29 F:  Failure to Comply with Lawful Orders of Authorized Supervisor or Failing to Do Assigned Work Which Employee is Capable of Performing 
16-29 G:  Failure to Meet Established Standards of Performance or Failure to Correct Unaccptable Performance Rating 
16-29 H:  Intimidation or Retaliation Against Witness, Party or Representative or Violation of City's Whistleblower Protection Ordinance 
16-29 I:  Failure to Maintain Satisfactory Working Relationships with Co-Workers, Other City Employees or the Public 
16-29 J:  Being Charged With or Convicted of a Crime 
16-29 L:  Discrimination or Harassment
16-29 M:  Unauthorized Absence from Work; or Abuse of Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, or Other Types of Leave; or Violation of Any Rules Relating to Any Forms of Leave
16-29 N:  Unauthorized Deviation from Shift, Tardiness, Unauthorized Overtime
16-29 O:  Failure to Use Safety Devices or Failure to Observe Safety Regulations
16-29 Q:  Divulging Confidential or Otherwise Sensative Information to Unauthorized Individuals
16-29 R:  Conduct Which Violates Career Service Rules, City Charter, DRMC, Executive Orders, Written Departmental or Agency Regulations, Policies or Rules or Other Applicable Legal Authority
16-29 T:  Conduct Prejudicial
16-30:  Investigatory Leave with Pay 
16-41:  Purpose of Discipline
16-42:  Progressive Discipline 
16-45:  Procedure for Dismissal
16-46:  Contemplation of Discipline
16-48:  Discipinary Action Following Pre-Disciplinary Meeting 

Rule 18:  Dispute Resolution
18-30:  Grievance

Rule 19:  Appeals

19-20:  Actions Subject to Appeal
19-20 A:  Appeal of Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation
19-20 A.1:  Direct Appeals
19-20 A.1.a:  Dismissal
19-20 A.1.c:  Involuntary Demotion With Attendant Loss of Pay
19-20 A.1.e:  Layoff
19-20 A.1.f:  Violation of Whistleblower Ordinance
19-20 A.2:  Appeal by Employee Without Career Status
19-20 B:  Appeal of Grievance
19-20 B.1.a:  Rule Violation and Negative Impact
19-20 B.1.b.i:  Grievance of Performance Review
19-20 B.2.b:  Agency Failure to Respond to Grievance
19-20 B.3:  Jurisdictional Requirements of Grievance
19-20 B.4.b:  Written Reprimand
19-30:  Form of Appeal
19-31:  Filing Deadlaines
19-31 B:  Filing Requirements
19-33:  Non-Attorney Representation
19-41 C & D:  Continuances & Stays
19-42:  Motions
19-43:  Discovery
19-45:  Subpoenas for Witnesses
19-45 F:  Depositions 
19-50:  Hearing Process 
19-57:  Public or Private Hearing 
19-58:  Decision of the Hearing Officer

Rule 20:  Disciplinary Appeals to the Career Service Hearing Office Filed by Deputy Sheriffs
20-20:  Actions Subject to Appeal
20-20 A:  Direct Appeals 
20-31:  Filing Deadlines 
20-42:  Motions
20-43:  Discovery 
20-45:  Subpoenas 
20-50:  Haering Process 
20-56 A:  Burden of Proof
20-59:  Decision of Hearing Officer 

Rule 21:  Appeals to the Career Service Board
21-21:  Grounds for Petition for Review 
21-21 A:  New Evidence 
21-21 B:  Erroneous Rules Interpretation
21-21 C:  Policy-Setting Precedent 
21-21 D:  Insufficient Evidence 
21-21 E:  Lack of Jurisdiction 
21-22:  Form of Petition for Review 
21-23:  Filing Deadline 
21-25:  Stay of Hearing Officer's Decision 
21-26:  Hearing Transcript & Record
21-27:  Petition for Review to the Board - Briefs 

Denver Revised Municipal Code (DRMC)
2-51:  Code of Ethics
2-60:  Gifts to Officers, Officials & Employees 
2-67:  Use of Public Office for Provate Gain
2-106:  Whistleblower Protection
2-107 D:  Official Misconduct
2-108:  Retaliation Prohibited
2-376 C:  OIM & Other Protected Deliberative Process Privilege
18-1:  Office of Human Resources Created
18-114:  Acting Sheriff Pay

Denver City Charter
Section 1.2.1
Section 9.1.1
Section 9.8.3.A, D

Executive Orders

3:  Motor Vehicle Program
16:  Use of Electronic Communication Devices & Services
65:  Operational Safety & Health Program
94:  Drug & Alcohol Policy
112:  Violence in the Workpla

Departmental Orders
Sheriff's Department Rules, Policies, and Orders
Reception Desk Post Order - Warrants 
100.7:  No Uniform Off Duty  
200.2:  Use of Force Reporting 
200.3:  Inaccurate Reporting
200.4:  Deputy sheriff & employees shall not depart from the truth, knowingly make misleading statements, or falsify any report, record, testimony or work related communications
200.4.1:  Misleading or Inaccurate Statements 
200.4.2:  Commission of a Deceptive Act 
200.6:  Access to NCIC/CCIC
200.9:  Full Attention to Duties 
200.10:  Use of City Equipment 
200.11:  Sleeping on Duty 
200.12:  Abandoning Post
200.13:  Disobey Lawful Order 
200.15.1:  Respect for Fellow Deputies & Employees
200.19:  Performance of Duties
300.1:  Enforcing Criminal Statutes 
300.2:  Soliciting Preferential Treatment
300.10.1:  Immoral Conduct
300.11.6:  Conduct Prejudicial
300.17.1:  Fraternization With Prisoner
300.17.3:  Reporting Prohibited Associations
300.19:  Disobedience of Rule
300.20:  Requirement to Obey Laws, Department Rules & Regulations & Orders During Pending Appeal
300.21:  All employees of the Department shall read and obey all directives and orders issued by the Mayor, the Manager of Safety, Director of Corrections and Undersheriff, command officers or their designees that relate to the Sheriff Departments' duties and assignments.  Employees shall also read, maintain familiarity with, and carrry out all Department Orders, Post Orders and written procedures relating to their specific posts and assigments.  
300.21.2:  Impartial Attitude
300.22:  Inappropriate Force
300.23:  Intimidation of Persons
400.2:  Discrimination
400.4.4:  Erroneous Release 
400.5:  Harassment of Prisoners
400.6:  Abuse of Prisoners
400.8.1:  Protection of Inmates from Self-Harm
400.8.2:  Failure to Make Required Rounds 
400.8.3:  Failure to Document Rounds 
400.17:  Failure to Search
1100.4:  Relationships With Other Employees
2420.1:  Sexual Harassment 
2440.1:  Human Relations/Code of Ethics & Standard of Conduct
2700.1:  Uniform Policy
2730.1:  Medical Examinations for Officers & Employees 
5011.1:  Use of Force 
5011.1M:  Use of Force 
5013.1E:  Use of Restraints 
5410.1F:  Suicide Prevention, Death or Substantial Risk of Death in a Facility 
Denver Human Services
Code of Ethics - Communication, Language, and Behavior - Respect
Duties - Leadership and Management

Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure
C.R.C.P. 106 Standard of Review 


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