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For some, driving your own car may feel like your only option. Check out the Cost of Commuting Calculator to see if it's time to make the switch to transit, or check out the different ride options below. Charsharing or a carpool may be a viable option. In any case, here are some resouces for your drive to work.

Getting Started

Drive Your Own Car

For some, driving your own car may feel like your only option. Check out the Cost of Commuting Calculator to see if it's time to make the switch to transit. If you still feel your only option is driving alone in your vehicle, continue to see what resources are available to you.

Drive a Carsharing Car

Carsharing is a type of car rental designed to be convenient for people who want to use cars for relatively short periods of times (as little as 15 minutes, usually a few hours, up to multiple days) and only pay for their usage (your costs depend on how long you have a car and miles driven).

With Car2Go, city employees get free membership and $15 credit when they use the promo code "Den2017" when they sign up here.

Join a Carpool

When you carpool you’ll spend half as much on your daily commute and maintenance costs even if you carpool with just one other person. Way to Go offers a registry where you can quickly and easily find a carpool for your commute. 

Rent a City Vehicle

Employees may rent a city vehicle for half-day and full-day rentals in order to conduct city business. City rental vehicles are not intended for commutes to work and home, however, renting a city vehicle may make it possible for you to commute using another means such as biking or taking transit. Learn more about renting a city vehicle.

Park Your Own Car

Employee parking permits at city-owned facilities in the downtown area can be very limited at times. Virtually all employee parking facilities are currently occupied with existing permit holders and wait-lists are in place at most parking locations. If you would like more information on parking at a city-managed parking facility, visit the Employee Parking page.

Parking & Mobility Services also keeps a comprehensive list of nearby “non-city” parking facilities in the downtown area. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this resource list, please contact Parking & Mobility Services.

Park Your Carshare

Car2Go, and other carsharing services, offer parking downtown for free.

City Owned Parking Facilities

Prices vary depending on parking garage or lot. Payments for monthly parking permits are withdrawn from the employee's paycheck through pre-tax payroll deduction. Learn more on the Employee Parking page.

Non-City Owned Parking Facilities

Employees may contribute to a flexible spending account (FSA) to have pre-tax money deducted from their paycehck to cover the cost of parking. You can begin, end, increase or decrease your flex qualified parking amount at any time by logging in to Workday and selecting the Benefits worklet and then selecting the parking action. Visit the Benefits page for more details.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Taking transit, riding your bike, or taking a mode other than a single occupancy vehicle doesn't mean you are stranded on an island when you get to work. You may be able to rent a city vehicle to get to that meeting across town, walk to local restaurants or coffee shops during your breaks, or utilize Skype for Business to connect with a colleague in another building. Chat with colleagues who use transit and other means, and check back to this webpage as we add more resources to help you on your commute.