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EcoPass takes the work out of getting to work.

As employees of the City and County of Denver, we're always looking for more ways to show our city some love. With the RTD EcoPass, you not only save a ton on stress-free transit ride, you also help reduce traffic congestion, allowing our city to breathe a little easier. It's proof positive that with the EcoPass, you'll spend less and get more.

The EcoPass is now $10 per month for City and County of Denver employees*.

Getting Started

Who can get a discounted bus/light rail pass?

The city currently has a subsidized RTD pass program for employees in limited or unlimited positions. A monthly RTD pass—which includes free bus and light rail rides (including to Denver International Airport)—can be acquired at a cost of $10 in pre-tax monthly deductions. 

How does a city employee get an EcoPass?

The EcoPass is a photo ID that employees will scan on RTD buses, light rail, and train. To get the photo ID, employees must turn in the completed EcoPass Enrollment form to an OHR Benefits representative, then take the authorized form to RTD to have the ID created.

When can employees sign up?

Employees can sign up at any time (and cancel at any time too).

Visit RTD's website, and choose Trip Planner to plan your route.

  1. Enter your start location
  2. Enter your end location
  3. Edit your travel preferences, you can choose:
    1. Best trip, fewest transfers, or least walking
    2. Using walking & transit, biking & transit, or car & Park-n-Ride & transit
    3. What time you want to leave your starting address, or the time you want to arrive at your end address
    4. Time and date of your leave/arrival time
  4. Click Plan your Trip

The trip planner will recommend multiple trip suggestions, based on your criteria

RTD makes it simple to learn how to ride RTD with their complete and easy steps to riding several RTD services. You'll be riding RTD like a transit pro in no time.

How to ride

While You're At Work

Taking transit, riding your bike, or taking a mode other than a single occupancy vehicle doesn't mean you are stranded on an island when you get to work. You may be able to rent a city vehicle to get to that meeting across town, walk to local restaurants or coffee shops during your breaks, or utilize Skype for Business to connect with a colleague in another building. Chat with colleagues who use transit and other means, and check back to this webpage as we add more resources to help you on your commute.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

by Denver Regional Council of Governments (drcog)

Guaranteed Ride Home is an emergency ride home service provided by DRCOG through its Way to Go program. The city has purchased Guaranteed Ride Home coverage for its employees when it purchased the RTD EcoPass. Guaranteed Ride Home ensures you will have a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency.

Read the Employee Instructions to proper use and limitations.

Work at the airport? You're covered too.

Read the Guaranteed Ride Home Program instructions for employees at Denver International Airport.

Woman riding on light rail with earbuds on.