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Stories of Success

Crucial Conversations

“I had an actual crucial conversation arise and did not or rather didn’t remember how to best deal with the situation.   I didn’t do well, but it allowed me to step back and re-visit some of the things we went over in class.  I learned going over it in class is much different than the actual conflict.  What I’m thankful for is, I had the tools to help myself refocus and adjust my thinking on what I could have done differently.  The next time it will be different.  I will handle it better.”  ~Deadra Hodges, Denver International Airport


"My main takeaways are that becoming a good boss is a process and takes some practice. The people and situations that I come into contact with daily are always changing, the only thing that I have some control over is how I react to each of the people and situations. When I make mistakes, I try to learn from them and do better the next time. The idea of self-reflection and slowing down to listen to others before I have my answer ready to go has been extremely helpful with my job." ~Erick Anderson, Parks and Recreation

Emerging Leaders Program

"Not only is the Emerging Leaders Program paying off for the City with so many people already being promoted into supervisory positions, this program is creating a foundation of leadership for all City agencies to pull from. I have been in other leadership classes and not one has been this effective." ~Emerging Leader Sponsor Chris Muñoz, Eligibility Supervisor, Human Services

New Leader Onboarding

"I found the class extremely useful. The ability to successfully manage people is a much desired skill, and sometimes a daunting task. It was helpful to discuss with other attendees the balance between being a caring supervisor, and gaining your staff’s respect in order to build a cohesive team that consistently performs. I highly recommend it!" ~Katie Halbert, Denver International Aiport

"Once a supervisor has a true understanding of how the employees see the world around them, the supervisor can determine which source of power and influence to utilize to best connect with a particular employee. I had not seen these sources so clearly defined prior to attending this workshop and it will be very beneficial to reflect on them going forward." ~ Austin J. Hartman, Department of Safety, Cadet Program

"I really enjoyed the class. I think after taking the Emotional Intelligence test, I was better in tune with my own strengths and weaknesses and how I work and react with others.  This awareness is very relevant to developing strong leadership skills and being able to develop your team dynamic. I also enjoyed the team meeting scenario and tidbits to develop good productive meetings and group participation." ~Sophia Hassman, Department of Finance, Treasury

"Participating in the New Leader Onboarding Workshop has enabled me to become more self-aware of my strengths and opportunities for growth. I have gained the tools to apply strategies that will enhance my leadership skills. These skills center around relationship management, coaching, and team building. The Office of Human Resources has created a multitude of resources within City University that I will be utilizing to grow and strengthen my leadership skills. Going forward I will make an ongoing conscious effort to further develop relationships with my team, where we can work together to achieve our goals in a positive environment." ~Katie Holbrook, Denver Human Services

Online Courses

"The online marijuana safety training made me more confident in my ability to safely inspect marijuana facilities." ~Matthew Wilmes, Environmental Public Health Inspector about the Marijuana Safety Awareness City & County of Denver course

"The training gave me the knowledge I needed to be able to protect myself from the pesticides and particulates found in marijuana facilities. I found it to be very helpful." ~Anthony Arneach, Business License Inspector about the Marijuana Safety Awareness City & County of Denver course



"Learning is a continuous process. Over time, even though we’re exposed to certain situations and we have handled them with good judgement, there is no substitute for learning in a safe environment as opposed to ‘trying to figure it out on the job’ or ‘OJT’. The learning experiences have reinforced my base knowledge with additional information and reference materials. It has also helped me recognize my strengths and areas where new knowledge fills in previously unknown or undiscovered voids in my own knowledge areas."--Anil Reddy, IT Manager at Denver County Courts when asked of the impact learning has been in his job and personal development 

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