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Service Requests

As a manager with the City and County of Denver, employees may come to you for different types of service requests. In most cases, you will have to make these requests on the behalf of your employee. Use the list below to determine which department/agency to contact for each request.

Facilities Requests
  • Building Maintenance and Repairs
  • Minor furniture move or change (furniture within same work area for 2 or fewer people)
  • Badges, keys, etc.

Office Space Requests
  • Adding or moving people/office equipment including new employees (furniture within same work area for 3 or more people)
  • Change in use of occupied space  
  • Changing or adding security equipment (cameras, card readers)
  • Construction
  • Space planning

Requests from employees for access to computer equipment and/or network resources owned by the City and County of Denver through SupportNow. Repair, maintenance or replacement of existing phone and computer equipment.
Service Requests Contacts
Office Space Requests
Contact your move liaison
Facilities Requests
Technology Services Requests