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Every person and/or organization holding a film permit from Denver’s Office of Special Events must comply with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Public Health Orders and Guidance and the applicable Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) Public Health Orders that are in effect at the time of the production. Compliance with Colorado PHOs and Guidelines are a condition of all CCD Film Permits.

State of Colorado and CCD PHOs, and related Executive Orders and Guidance on public gatherings and outdoor events may change at any time with no prior notice. Changes in any orders may result in additional requirements to permittees and issued permits, and may result in event cancellation. The permitting agency will make reasonable efforts to provide notice to permittees of changes in orders or requirements. This document provides tips that can help support adherence to the state’s orders and guidelines.

  • There are no restrictions prohibiting people from out of state coming to film in Denver, at this time (07/15/2020).

  • Film Productions and Photo Shoots are limited to a total of 75 people when outside (actual number to be determined by the state’s social distancing space calculator). At this time, indoor shoots are prohibited due to Denver being in Level Red status on the county dial level.  

  • Productions must review the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Workplace Outbreak Guidance and develop a production-specific plan and checklist to manage the applicable prevention and mitigation requirements and recommendations.

  • Production must train staff on prevention and mitigation practices.

  • Production must collect and maintain a list of staff, volunteers and contractors to support COVID-19 contact tracing.

  • All members of the production, including cast, crew, and contractors are required to wash hands upon arrival on set, departure and frequently throughout the day.

  • Production must implement symptom monitoring protocols (including workplace temperature monitoring and symptom screening questions – guidance found here).

  • Employees who have been in close contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 (generally within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes, depending on level of exposure) should not report to work and instead self-quarantine.

  • When possible, production should group employees into teams or shifts that stick together to limit mixing between different teams or shifts.

  • Cast and crews are considered coworkers, which allows them to gather in groups larger than 10 and be within 6 feet of one another, but they MUST wear a face covering at ALL TIMES.  Face coverings are required of crew members regardless of proximity to others.

  • Actors, models, and performers MUST wear face coverings unless they are part of the same household OR unless they are farther than 6 feet away from all other people involved in the shoot (including other actors) and 25 feet away from the general public.  (From the order: Performers who maintain at least a 25-foot distance from attendees or patrons and at least a six-foot distance from each other and other employees at all times during their performance are exempt from mask requirement. Performers must wear a face covering at all other times when they are on the premises and not performing)

Photo collage of film sets around Denver

Denver is proud to host hundreds of film and photography projects each year and the Office of Special Events (OSE) is here to help guide you through the film permitting process. The office can discuss location options, process applications, help coordinate approvals and will issue the final film permit.

As stated in the Film Permit Rules and Regulations, a permit may be required to film on public property in Denver, including in parks, streets, sidewalks and alleys. Please read the section below to determine if your shoot requires a permit.  If it does, complete the Film Permit Application at least five (5) business days prior to the shoot date.  We recommend that you apply fourteen (14) days in advance if you have a larger or more complex production.

The City cannot give you permission to shoot on private property.  Below is a list of popular private property locations for film/photo shoots and the corresponding contact. If you would like to use any of these areas, please reach out and coordinate directly with the contact listed.

Please reach out to the Office of Special Events with any questions you may have at or 720-913-1501.

Planning a film production or photo shoot in Denver? Here's what you need to know.

You are required to obtain a film permit if ANY of the following apply to your shoot on public property:

  • the production involves more than 5 people total
  • equipment other than handheld cameras is being used
  • the flow of traffic, pedestrian or vehicular, will be impacted
  • public parking is utilized or impacted
  • a generator is being used
  • pyrotechnics are being used
  • chase scenes, violence, or crime is being depicted
  • you would like exclusive use of an area, closing it down to the public

Even when a film permit is not required, it is your responsibility to know the rules governing the area in which you are shooting and to ensure that the location remains open to the public.  Please review the PARK RULES prior to any shoot in a City of Denver Park.

Note:  Permits are NOT required for same day media coverage

There is no cost to apply for and obtain a film permit.  Depending on the activities taking place as part of the shoot, there may be costs associated with other permits if required.  In addition, you may be responsible for any staffing costs if City employees need to be on site or supervising production activities.

For use of any of these locations, please coordinate directly with the contacts listed below.

16th Street Pedestrian Mall - Pam Sellden 303-571-8221

Wynkoop Plaza (outside of Union Station) - Ryan Butcher, 303-779-5710

Union Station (inside) - Sam Gentry,

Larimer Square - Karen Mulville,, 720-904-0928

Denver Art Museum - Iris Kosmicki,

Millennium Bridge - Bob Blodgett, or Anna Jones,, 303-779-5710

Once the film permit application is submitted, the Office of Special Events (OSE) will confirm receipt of the application.  OSE will forward the permit request to the appropriate city agencies and provide you with guidance on any additional requirements or permits needed for your shoot.  Once all approvals have been granted, OSE will issue you a film permit via email.

Hours for Shooting or Filming - The film permit allows for activity between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. Setting up, filming, or breaking down before or after this time frame is prohibited.

Notice of Shooting or Filming - If any activity related to your shoot may cause noise or any disturbance to the normal activity in the area, you must provide advance notice to businesses and residents close by as specified in Film Rules & Regulations

You will need to create an account to get started. Once you have an account, the film application will only take a few minutes to complete. The Office of Special Events will reach out to you directly with any questions or if additional information is needed.



*Please note the following location closure.

US Forest Service will not be opening Mt Evans/Summit Lake in 2020.


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