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Office of the Independent Monitor


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The Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM) is the civilian oversight agency for the City and County of Denver Police and Sheriff Departments.  The OIM was created by the Mayor and City Council in 2004 and began its work on August 1, 2005.  The OIM is staffed by fifteen employees, including six monitors, primarily attorneys: the Monitor, a Senior Deputy Monitor, and four Deputy Monitors.  In order to perform our research and policy functions, the OIM is also staffed by a Policy Director, a Senior Policy Analyst, and a Policy Analyst.  Committed to community engagement and public access to OIM work, there is also a Community Relations Director, Youth Outreach Manager, and two Youth Outreach Coordinators.  The OIM’s work is supported by an Office Administrator and Case Manager.



Denver Post Building
101 W. Colfax Ave. , Suite 100
Denver, C0 80202 


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