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The City and County of Denver Storm Drainage Master Plan (SDMP) is a document that evaluates Denver’s existing urban flood risk and provides recommendations for future capital improvements to reduce flood damages and increase safety. This planning document identifies stormwater needs across Denver through engineering analysis and stormwater design criteria.  Based on these identified needs, future drainage infrastructure and capital improvement concepts are presented to mitigate flood damages and fully convey stormwater runoff in accordance with the City’s drainage criteria.


This publication is prepared in compliance with Denver Revised Municipal Code, Division 4, Storm Drainage, Section 56-110 Master Drainage Plan.  The Storm Drainage Master Plan is updated every 5 years in order to identify and alleviate present and future drainage problems within the City.  The document incorporates the practices and principles of Volumes I and II of the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD) Drainage Criteria Manual, and the City and County of Denver Storm Drainage Design & Technical Criteria Manual.


This SDMP document is a high level citywide planning tool that aims to analyze and evaluate Denver’s existing stormwater infrastructure and proposes the general size and location of needed improvements to reduce urban flooding.  The plan provides a technically driven basis to achieve the citywide stormwater goals listed above to meet the City’s standard drainage criteria.  The plan specifically identifies the needs for major stormwater trunk lines serving multiple blocks and drainage sub-basins.   The study focuses on urban flooding issues serving streets, neighborhoods, and developments; and acts as a supplement to larger regional stormwater planning efforts for major drainageways.