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Exposition Avenue and S. Fillmore Street Storm Drain

The Exposition and Fillmore Storm Drain reduces localized flooding problems in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood. Denver’s 2014 Storm Drainage Master Plan identified the need for a storm drain at this location due to the significant amount of storm water that flows on neighborhood streets before entering the existing storm system in Exposition Avenue.


The proposed storm drain alignment generally follows the existing surface storm water flow from the upstream end of the storm basin to Exposition Avenue. Specifically, the storm drain will run from the intersection of St. Paul Street and Kentucky Avenue, northwest in Ohio Way, to the intersection of S. Fillmore Street and Exposition Avenue.


  • Just in time for spring showers, the E. Exposition & S. Fillmore Storm Drain Project has been substantially completed!
  • The new 2000-foot underground pipe and 22 street inlets will maximize the capture of surface runoff during storm events and reduce localized flooding problems in the project area in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood.
  • Additionally, 16 new or improved ADA ramps were installed in the project area.
  • Restoration of sprinkler lines and sod was largely completed in April 2020. However, if you have sprinkler issues when you start your sprinkler system in the spring, please call the City Project Manager, Caitlin Wolff at (303) 446-3581.

The new underground pipe and street inlets maximizes the capture of surface runoff during storm events and direct it to the existing underground storm system. This project is compatible with proposed future improvements to the existing storm drain under Exposition Avenue.


Project Location

map of project area on Exposition Street at Fillmore

Status: Project Complete

Construction began in August 2019 and ended in April 2020.


  • Planning – 2016
  • Design – 2017
  • Construction – 2019-20

Council District: 6

Neighborhood: Bonnie Brae


City Inspector

Mark Barry

Rand Peterson


Duran Excavating, Inc.
Josh Duran
970 351-0192
303 539-1420


Construction Information

Work will begin at the intersection of S. Fillmore Street and E. Exposition Avenue, continue southeast in S. Ohio Way, and then to the intersection of S. St. Paul Street and Kentucky Avenue.

Construction is scheduled to begin in August 2019 and last approximately seven months. One city block and two intersections will be closed at a time. Street access will be closed to vehicular traffic, residents will have alley access to their homes and sidewalks will remain open. 

There may be temporary interruptions of utility services during construction.  Advance notice will be provided to the impacted residents.


Thanks to all who attended the public meeting to learn about the upcoming construction. 

See the presentation (PDF)


Crews will place “no parking” signs along the street prior to starting construction, which will provide an additional visual cue to residents that construction is imminent. Additionally, crews may directly contact individual residents as appropriate during the course of construction. 

Residents can sign up for email updates at, and the website will be updated every other week or more often when there are big changes. The website can be accessed at


To make room for the new storm pipe, Xcel was asked to move their existing gas main to a different location. Additionally, CenturyLink was asked to move their fiber optic because it was too close to a manhole in the project area.

Public Works has been lining sanitary sewer lines all over the City as part of a separate public improvement project, and this sanitary line was identified as an opportunity to reinforce prior to work taking place above and below it for the storm pipe installation.

There will be a full road closure at the intersection of E. Exposition and S. Fillmore for approximately 2-3 weeks during the course of the 7-month project. Detour routes will most likely be Colorado Boulevard, E. Mississippi Avenue and Bonnie Brae Boulevard.

The Project Team will try to ensure that the detour is clearly marked so that traffic gets rerouted prior to reaching Steele Street. The team will also try to arrange for signage to be added on Steele Street to handle local traffic.

Yes, in addition to the main pipe route of S. Fillmore Street, Ohio Way and S. St. Paul Street, construction will also occur on E. Exposition Avenue, S. Milwaukee Street, S. Medea Way, Ohm Way and S. Cove Way.

No, curbs will not be replaced unless a new inlet necessitates the removal of the curb or if the curb is in poor condition.

No, it is expected that work on this project will be done within the roadway, in the spans between sidewalks.

Please contact Josh Duran at or 970-351-0192 if your sprinkler system needs to be repaired as a result of the stormwater installation construction activity.

Please do not call a contractor to repair it before speaking with our project team, to ensure the reimbursement process can move smoothly.

Q3, the Xcel subcontractor, will need to replace sidewalks and landscaping disrupted during their work.

Please contact Wayne Trujillo at or 720-340-6872 with questions about landscape and sidewalk restoration.

Sidewalks will remain intact and usable for the duration of the project; therefore, residents are asked to walk to the end of the block and cross in designated areas.

As this project involves digging deep ditches to make way for the new storm pipe, crossing the street through the construction area would be extremely dangerous. 

If there are service disruptions, water will be turned off from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the latest. Residents will be notified in advance.

Some pipes might need to be replaced. If this is necessary, property owners will be notified and Public Works will replace with new copper pipes from the main to the meter (typically located on the tree lawn between the curb and the sidewalk). Residents will then need to work with Denver Water regarding the connection from the meter to home, as the City and Project Team are prohibited from working on private property. 

Trash collection will not be impacted for residents whose trash is picked up in the alley.

For homes with no alley, the contractor is responsible for making arrangements for trash pick-up during construction.

No, this project addresses surface water only.

Bonnie Brae neighborhood has good soil, so crews will stockpile it on-site and reuse it.

Crews cover up the site as much as possible. Water will be pumped from the trench if needed.