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Globeville Stormwater Systems Study

The Globeville Stormwater Systems Study is a culmination of an extensive effort by the City and County of Denver, in partnership with the project team, the community, and stakeholders to better understand the causes of flooding in the area; explore solutions for river and local stormwater flooding; and to identify the preferred neighborhood solutions that alleviate flooding and provide multiple community benefits.



Map of Globeville drainage basin and study area near South Platte River in North Denver, highlighting 5 recommendation areas

A: 51st & Zuni Park Space: Implement water quality and moderate detention opportunities.

B: Detention and Park Space: Identify and implement detention and potential park opportunity located along the stormwater runoff path before it gets to Globeville. Potential areas could include areas marked B1, B2 and B3. 

C: Project L Pipe: Implement Truncated Project “L” pipe improvement along Jason Street alignment to the South Platte River.

D: 48th Avenue Green Corridor: Further study and implement new stormwater pipe along 48th Avenue with a new outfall at the South Platte River; a stormwater overflow management area at Argo Park and green infrastructure and mobility improvements along 48th Avenue to Washington Street.

E: Flood Protection from the South Platte River: Design and implement improvements to the height of the existing levee and extension of levee from 38th Avenue to approximately 35th Avenue along Ringsby Court. Levee Improvements and extension coupled with a vision for neighborhood amenities along the river.

In addition to the project recommendations, this study emphasizes strategies to increase community education and awareness around local flood concerns, and ways for individuals and property owners to protect against flood risk.

Project Status: Study Complete

Study area: The Globeville-Utah Junction drainage basin includes Globeville, Heron Pond, Carpio-Sanguinette Park, portions of the Sunnyside neighborhood, and portions of the Chafee Park neighborhood.

To begin the study, the team worked with the community to understand existing conditions in Globeville. The study gathered data to identify potential long term and short term solutions for stormwater management in the basin.

Globeville Stormwater Systems Study - Final Report (PDF)

Globeville Stormwater Systems Study - Appendices (PDF)

Outreach Archive

This meeting concludes an 18-month process that investigated, through community conversations, potential and practical solutions to alleviate flooding, improve water quality and create multiple community benefits. Study recommendations include future pipe infrastructure, neighborhood improvements and strategies for your own home.

April 3, 2019 Meeting Materials (PDFs – English/español)

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the community meeting to discuss flooding concerns, green infrastructure and safety/connectivity.

Meeting Materials

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first community meeting introducing the Globeville Stormwater Systems Study!

Meeting Materials