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Redefining Waste

Denver Composts makes composting household organic items as easy as recycling, by providing a green cart that is collected weekly. Households  can place yard debris, food scraps and non-recyclable paper (paper towels, napkins, tissues, etc.) in the green cart instead of the trash. We collect this organic material and it is sent to a commercial facility where it gets turned into a high quality soil amendment known as compost. 

By signing up for compost collection you can reduce the amount of waste you throw away by as much as 50 to 75 percent!

Sign-up for compost service by calling 311 (720-913-1311)

What Goes in Your Green Cart?

Food Scraps:

Baked goods, Bones, Bread, Cereal, Cheese, Coffee grounds, Dairy products, Eggs & eggshells, Fish, Fruits, Gravy & sauces, Meat, Nuts, Pasta, Peanut butter, Pizza, Poultry, Processed foods, Rice, Salads, Sandwiches, Spoiled or moldy food, and Vegetables

Non-Recyclable Paper:

Coffee filters, Facial tissue, Greasy pizza boxes, Paper bags, Paper napkins, Non-coated paper plates, Paper towels, Teabags, Small paper items, Plain white tissue paper, Waxed cardboard, and Wax paper

Yard Debris:

Flowers, Grass clippings, Houseplants, Leaves, Plant trimmings, Small branches (no larger than 4 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter), and Weeds

Other Miscellaneous Items:

Pet hair, Wooden chopsticks, stir sticks, and popsicle sticks


Current Denver Composts Participants (as of 5/21/2020):


Compost Fee!

Denver Composts is a fee-based service paid for by the resident at the rate of $29.25 each quarter (every 3 months). Be advised, this service is not seasonal. If you want to cancel service, contact  Solid Waste Management prior to the beginning of the next quarter to avoid being charged for future quarters. See "Compost Collection Frequently Asked Questions" for details.

Attention Compost Service Customers: New Mailing Address for Check Payments

Denver Composts customers are encouraged to pay for compost service online. If a resident needs to mail in a check, there is a NEW mailing address. Residents who schedule automatic payments with their banks need to notify them of this change.

Please continue to include your account number on the check and make payable to "Manager of Finance."

New mailing address:

City and County of Denver

PO Box 735485

Dallas, TX  75373-5485

Why Join the Denver Composts Program?

  • IT’S SO EASY. Simply put your organic material in the green cart and set it out for collection each week.
  • LESS WASTE SENT TO THE LANDFILL. More than 50% of what the average Denver households put in the trash is organic material.
  • REDUCE GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS. Composting results in less methane emitted into the atmosphere.

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