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Denver Recycles


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On average, Denverites recycle only 63% of the recyclable waste generated by their household each year. Making small recycling changes can make a huge difference!

Find out how to better recycle your household items in Denver - download the Denver Recycles app today! The app includes collection day reminders, a searchable Denver Recycling guide, and a chance to test your recycling knowledge with our sorting game.


Download the Denver Recycles app:


Are you recycling items properly? Recycling rules are different in Denver. Learn more about how to properly recycle these commonly used items.

Purple tinted top view photo of wadded paper in a tray

306 pounds of recyclable materials are sent to the landfill by the average Denver household.

Purple tinted close up photo of a stack of cardboard

Break down boxes to make room in your purple recycle cart.

Purple tinted angled top view photo of glass bottles

100% of glass bottles recycled in Denver become new glass locally.

Purple tinted angled top view photo of plastic bottles and bags

Plastic bags are the #1 Problem for recycling in Denver.

Purple tinted top view photo of aluminum cans

Only 50% of aluminum cans in Denver get recycled.

Purple tinted top view photo of envelopes

25% more waste is generated by the average household between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off

Illustration of purple dumpster, green recycling can, and drop-off sign for Denver Recycles free recycling drop off


The Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off provides a convenient and NO-COST way for Denver residents to keep extra recyclables out of the landfill and to compost yard debris, food scraps, and non-recyclable paper.

The Drop-off is open to Denver residents only. No commercial or landscaping company materials accepted at this site.

Find the drop-off located near the intersection of S. Quebec St. and E. Cherry Creek South Drive.