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Keep Denver Beautiful


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Together — We're Keeping Denver Clean & Beautiful!

Our mission is to enhance the visual appearance of Denver by addressing problems of graffiti and litter through volunteer projects and educational programs.

Keep Denver Beautiful focuses on supporting residents and businesses in maintaining an attractive safe urban environment. As a program of Solid Waste Management, we emphasize the elimination of trash, litter, junk and graffiti from our city’s neighborhoods and public right-of-ways. Keep Denver Beautiful coordinates the efforts of neighborhood residents, volunteer groups and Solid Waste Management. Explore Volunteer Opportunities for information on how you or your group can get involved.

Additionally, our sister program, Denver Partners Against Graffiti, provides graffiti abatement services for many public and private properties.

Be Responsible, Stay Safe, and Do an Individual Cleanup!

(Group cleanups are on hold while social distancing is in effect, but each of us can still make a difference!)

Safety Checklist for Individual Cleanups:

1.    Ensure that it is safe and permissible by local authorities to be outside.

  • Always follow the city of Denver health and safety ordinances before heading outside. If you live in an area where you can be outside, be sure to practice social distancing and robust sanitation practices before, during, and after your cleanup.  

2.    Prepare appropriate location and route for your cleanup.

  • Choose a safe location: Select a place where it is less likely you will be around other people. Your cleanup route can be done in your neighborhood or a park nearby. Check the weather. 
  • Select a route: Before heading out, know what route you want to take and calculate how long it will take. 

3.    During the cleanup

  • Proper supplies: Ensure that you wear some form of gloves for protection. Additionally, good old trash grabbers, BBQ/salad tongs, or other pickup device can help create further separation between you and the litter. Also, don’t forget litter bags or buckets, high visibility clothing, close-toed shoes, hand sanitizer (if available) and sunscreen!
  • Best practice: don’t touch the litter directly, and don’t touch your face.
  • Choose your litter wisely: only pick up the litter that is safe to handle and if you choose to separate recycling, focus only on bottles and cans.

4.    Go the extra mile:

  • Add litter cleanup to your jogging routine and go “PLOGGING” or in other words pick up litter while exercising!
  • Keep your cleanup going all year round by Adopting a Spot. Choose the area you want to cleanup regularly, and we will install a sign with your name on it to advertise your cleanup efforts!
  • Consider using the Earth Challenge Plastics App to log your piece of litter and support citizen science.

For questions or further information, please call Brad Paterson at 303-446-3407.


Quick Links

Project Registration

If you would like to plan a cleanup, we can provide materials and tools to help! Please complete and return a project registration form to request materials (allow 2 weeks)

Completed Projects

After your cleanup, please return any  materials or tools loaned out. Please submit a project completion form to  finalize the project.