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Even better than recycling, the number one way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place.  Not creating waste requires refusing disposable products and reusing and repairing items that you already have.  Let’s put an end to single-use waste. Incorporating durable, reusable items into your daily routine is a great way to curb a throw-away lifestyle, save money, and prevent litter.  

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Bring Your Own!

Replacing disposable products with reusable ones is one way you can help stop waste before it starts. Although some disposable products like water bottles and paper cups can be placed in your Denver Recycles purple cart, bringing your own cup, bottle and bags is the best choice for saving money, preventing litter in our waterways, and reducing the resources and energy that goes into making disposable products.  

Many of us want to reduce our use of disposable products but simply forget to bring our own cups, bottles and bags with us regularly. 

To make remembering to bring your reusables as easy and possible, try these tips until it becomes a habit:

  • Set a reminder on your phone or use an App that reminds you each day at a set time to “Bring your cup and water bottle!”
  • Place your cup and water bottle by your keys, purse or backpack each night or first thing each morning. 
  • Keep a spare mug at work.
  • Post a reminder note by your door.
  • Write, “Bring Bags” at the top of your grocery list and put your bags with your list.
  • Hang your bags by your door or keep them in your car or bike basket.
  • After making a reservation at a restaurant, immediately set a reminder in your phone for the day of the reservation telling you to bring your own to-go box. 
  • Roll a utensil set up in a cloth napkin and store it in your purse or bag and/or keep a set at work.  

Quick Links

Take the Holiday Waste Reduction Pledge!

Make the pledge and remember to:

  • Use reusable serviceware for holiday meals
  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery store
  • Make memories not waste
  • Reduce food waste during the holidays
  • Participate in Denver Recycles' seasonal programs

Too Much Junk Mail?