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About the Wastewater Management Division

The Wastewater Management Division is part of the City and County of Denver Department of Public Works. The Wastewater Management Division maintains more than 1,500 miles of sanitary sewer and more than 800 miles of storm drainage underground lines and pipes.


Our Mission

The Wastewater Management Division plans, designs, constructs, operates and maintains Denver's sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems. High quality, cost effective service is provided by using a team approach and recognizing that customers and employees are paramount to the Division's success.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Section of WMD is responsible for accurately billing the agency's 160,000 customers for monthly sanitary sewer and storm drainage charges. Sanitary sewer charges are billed in combination with Denver Water. Water and sanitary sewer charges appear on a single monthly bill. Storm drainage charges are billed separately in semi-annual installments, though the fee is calculated annually.

Our goal is to respond to customer inquiries in a prompt, accurate, and professional manner at all times.

Wastewater Management Division

2000 West 3rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80223

Business Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Payments may be made at this address, but we can no longer accept walk-in inquiries about storm or sewer charges or impervious measurements. 

We cannot accept payment by phone.

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